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A Tale Of Two Strangers

There were two strangers

Who met by the sea

She saw the light in him

And so did he

They said hello

Soon became friends

They talked of their lives

Till it was time to go

They took their boats

And each rowed away

Thinking of the other

And what was left unsaid

He took the high river

That traveled the cold lands

It was cold, gray and miserable

There was no one at hand

She took the low river

That traveled the wide plains

It was hot, dusty and humid

Every day, a drain

Soon there was a dark storm

That lashed o’er the lands

The dark lord's fury provoked

The rivers in turmoil

He rowed with all his might

But the current was too strong

The oar was soon broken

And the sails were torn

She rowed with all her might

But the current was too strong

The boat tossed, hit a rock

And the hull was blown

So both drifted along hurt and worn

Till the river calmed down

Soon the sea was approaching

But rescue there was none

As the high river and low river

Both merged with the waiting sea

The friends saw each other

With great relief

The currents drew the boats together

And it made sense to see

That his boat could use the oars from hers

And together they could reach

So they rowed together then

And rowed with delight

With the sun’s warmth on their backs

To reach land, now in sight

by Anita Atina

Comments (2)

hmm... ur way of seeing things is interesting! an ever green topic nice flowig style word coinage is nice too.. over all...nice work.... keep penning....
Wonderful love story, it is why you are now my friend. Once a stranger but no more.