LM (14 June 1989 Please Comment :) / Ballarat, Australia :))

A Tangent Of A Life, Of A Memory (Read This First)

If I put my life on pause
What would come of it?
Could I reshape, change
Everything that has happened
I pause to wonder
About that single tear drop
How was it made?
To be so complex
Stop to enjoy
The Flowers in spring
Whilst the dew glitters
On your windowsills with almighty
Sol filtering through
You never know
What day will be your last
You never learn
How to live until you’ve tried
My life has its own soundtrack
Each song playing
Through my emotions
Most have seen it all
I have only sad songs
People come and go
Like nightmares
And they leave marks
On my body
All I see
All anyone sees
All I have are those memories
Of the winter
So Cold
When we frolicked in the rain
As Children, young and enthusiastic
When we didn’t know
How to hate
How to kill
How to fight
But we’re not young anymore
And time flies
When you’re having so much fun
Or have forgotten how to
Like we have
You never know
What day will be your last
You never learn
How to live until you’ve tried
Life is such an abstract thing
It comes and goes when it’s pleased that
Life and death are balanced out
And mothers aren’t full of doubt
That their child will die at age of two
To unpleasant demeanor
Of malicious force
But why be scared of dying now?
We’re going to in the end anyway
Go somewhere you’ve never been
Climb tall trees and swim in a dam
Sleep under the stars and watch them fly
In and out of your life
Like the people do
Because we are all made of stars
And like stars…people fade
And it made me realize
After thinking for hours
That I want to fade away
Into a memory
Memories Are
To be forgotten
To be thrown into my little black space
Of secrets called my mind
Only remembered the next time I ever stop to think
When my mind runs on a tangent
When I admit that what I’m saying
Is just a lie
Tangents come and go
Like moths to a flame
They slowly die
And are released
Once we finally find
The one
The only


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