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A Taste Of Blue
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A Taste Of Blue

Before my lungs filled with a breath
Stretched ahead an unknown abyss
Removed from the safety of the womb
I was filled with life and bliss

Everything new, exciting, and fresh
Life unspoiled and untested
Learning by doing and being told
Cost was being tallied and invested

Long summer days and cool nights
Chasing dragons and fireflies
All the days of innocent life
The world beneath my feet lies

The world was large and endless
Adventures were at every turn
The smell of youth was intoxicating
I had eons of time to burn

Barefoot young cane memories
The taste of living so sweet
Cost was soon tallied due
A mother’s death paid complete

Play on a littler wiser and older now
Somehow love carries thru
The world beneath my feet still lies
As I tasted the color blue

I grew and mastered many skills
And shook my fist at the sky
I felt the love of others now
Cost was also drawing nigh

A father’s death was now the price
It seemed not to be true
The world became a different place
With my second taste of blue

Playtime took a different path
Young girls I began to woo
I found that love always there
Growing up was easy to do

Life is always filled with cost
Paid with innocence each time
A part of me I hold inside
Deep in my heart I bind

Days of chasing dragons and fireflies
In young cane barefoot I grew
I’ll cherish the memories of that time
Mingled with the taste of blue

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