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A Taste Of Earth
WS (June 1,1991 / Richmond hill)

A Taste Of Earth

Poem By Wandering Scarlet

Death’s hand rips the numbers we so viciously cling
We stare at the dirt wishing we could sing

All shall some day sing of the sky
When we finally allow our passions to die

But here we all still sit,
Munching on dirt and grit


When will we relish in the clouds

My addiction I do not share
My sadness I grimly wear

Sanguine thoughts of my existence
Where is His providence

What is time and why

All is the same
But the lie I so fearfully tame

All are lost, but opine the way
They only discover what it means to be gay

Not this time, no interlude
This story never seems to conclude

No, for our form transcends
Far beyond which the mind bends

None shall cross
None is cross

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Comments (11)

Good rhythm and rhyme in this poem. Thanks for sharing.
Unlike others, I believe it had multiple different meanings and sub-plots, but obviously it was carried by its great rhyming, inside outside, outside going in, and in going out, that just made the poem go. Also the poem itself was just weird, but in a good way, for example the lines, What is time and why? It just seems like this is a person who is losing his faith, in humanity, religion, and any point whatsoever to existence.
its really amazing to read such a good poem, fine i liked it
I really liked this. It did not need to be any deeper the idea that it carries a simple message to anyone who is awake is what is impotant about it. The problem is WHO IS AWAKE? -10
Like it..but it could have had some more depth. It's very different and so wonderfully written though. Keep it up.