VM (18/06/1974 / chennai)

A Tattoo Of Deep Scar...Divorce

When your soul mate
Rotten as stalemate
When you decide
Never to meet
This relationship
Is amputated and broken

A chance
To rectify and remodify
Your comedy of errors
It's not a tragedy
To mourn
But life has to move on

If your love, respect, trust
Take a chance
To relive your
Emotions in passions
Looking it as a taboo

Divorce spell bounds
Cease to redeem or relieve
Don't accept
The betrayer
With guilt
Deseed the weed

Though this tattoo
Gives permanent scars
Start everything new
It's just a
Lesson by a person
With reason to season you

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Comments (2)

'But life has to move on'. Thanks for sharing this poem with us.
Good advice for people to take decision.