(8\10\1951 / S A Q, Karnatak India)

A Teacher Is The Best Artist Of The Child

A teacher is the best artist of the child.
He is also the real builder of our Nation.
If his statue fails, the child becomes wild.
Then, what about the future of our Nation?

Negligent teacher's children become bad.
This is a mysterious hit to him by Nature.
Life long the time-pass teacher will be sad.
Due to his useless children he sadly repents.

Teacher is blessed by God if he teaches well.
He should think that every child is his own.
Tomorrow before God every teacher has to tell
In our society a good teacher is well known.

A careless teacher is cursed to go to hell.
A good teacher lives with a honored crown.

by Mazid S Kazi , INDIA

Comments (2)

An insightful depiction of the essence and intricacies of the teaching profession, elegantly penned in good diction with conviction. Thanks for sharing.
A great reminder for all teachers.all teachers ofcourse do thier work sincerely but students fail to understand us. Great write Mazid Sahib.10