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A Teacher's Prayer For The Lost Children
LAS Lee Ann Schaffer (1962 / Charleston, South Carolina, US)

A Teacher's Prayer For The Lost Children

The child who hides behind laughter
The child who reaches out with tears
The child who no one looks after
Who runs away when someone nears

Never got a mamma’s “spit bath”
Never danced on daddy’s toes
No one to ever help with math
No wall marks to show how he grows

Amplified loneliness music
Hollow echoes of lack of sound
Ears strain to hear a doorknob click
Rooms and hearts waiting to be found

The lonely ache of nothingness,
A much deeper hurt than the pain
Of a hard hand’s angry caress -
Storms: they beat clouds that never rain.

God, fill their dark, unquiet nights
With brave, beautiful, dancing dream.
Let them meet smiles, inspiring lights,
Though from strangers’ faces they stream.

Home won’t protect them, nurture them
So, God, please safely bring them here.
We will teach them, try to guide them,
Let them know that to us they’re dear.

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Comments (3)

This is beautiful-thank you for sharing it with us. Debi
Lee Ann- This is beautiful in sentiment and in content. You have a wonderful heart, and I salute you for your compassion and ability to articulate your sensitivity. Nicely done, my friend. David
Lee Ann, This beautiful, tender and profound. Rusty