A Teenager Of The Early Sixties

A teenager of the early sixties I did not know him well at all
Though some faces change little with the passing of the Seasons and him by sight I could recall
When I introduced myself to him we shook hands he said we've not met for some while
Strange we should meet on our life journey though we live from home many a mile
He was just a casual acquaintance that I had known from years ago
And as we go upon our life's journey apart in our ways we do grow
I could sense we had little in common he must have felt the same way about me
We chatted only for a brief while and him again I may not see
One looked on as a high achiever in life for himself he has done well
Of any successes in my life to him I did not have to tell
His sophisticated wife with him she did look far younger than he
On saying goodbye they went hand in hand through the park of the town by the sea
I knew of him when we were younger from here in a place far away
Though we did share little in common save we both look far older and gray.

by Francis Duggan

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