TR (1989 -? / denison tx)

A Teens Love For A Soldier! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

It's funny how it feels
like we loved for a life time
but it was only 5 months
i know it was hard with age differences
but i really did love you
from the first time i meet you
you were drunk telling me my belt was cute
when i wasnt even wearing one
then it ended
just the other night
cause you were scared of getting caught
well it maybe over for you
but not for me
i will go through thick and thin
my soldier just for you
my love for you is real
i will wait as long as it takes to get you back
i promise i will never let go
my darling soldier
I love you! ! !

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Awww just a preteen so i dont know how LOVE feels
Tiffany, this is very sweet! ~