A Telling It Like It Is Offends

Whether embellished by the use of implication.
Whether embellished by the use of assumption.
Whether embellished by the use of innuendo.
A double entendre has been done to purposely do.

And whoever has done that to you,
Has probably made a career out of doing it.
My advice?
Is this...
Double entendre them too!
And witness the benefit.

They wouldn't know what to do.
At least you will be conscious of it!

And that is the advantage of acquiring knowledge.
To know 'something' AND be conscious too,
Is like packing a secret weapon.
Expose yourself to something different...
You did not know before.
The downside of refusing an opportunity,
To obtaining a knowledge...
Is as dangerous as selling a bag of weed,
To a cop undercover.
the moment a badge is flashed...
A connection occurs.

You did,
Once that deed was done...
Acquire a knowledge,
That was instantly transmitted.

To open a closed door,
Doesn't mean your mind is receptive.
Your ears may be shut off from listening.
And your eyes not prepared to focus.
Leaving everything in your head,
Subjected to being victimized by scrutiny!
And to be scrutinized caught off guard...
Shakes a nervousness seen throughout the body.

And to enhance, decorate, ornament to adorn or beautify,
With words to captivate attention...
Is to exaggerate.

But to call any of these activities 'lies'...
And spoken to masquerade truth to 'charade',
Would infuriate the one falsely delighting in spotlight.
And forced,
To 'think'...
With the giving of some unexpected time to do it!

A telling it like it is,
Offends those unconscious someone else is aware...
Of their every move,
Without the need of an explanation to interpret.

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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