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(((A Temporary Pause...)))

...Let it be known to all of: 'import'
...That at what has been called: ''tis just a pause'
...For so dogged in his insanity's pursuit
...'Tis The Wizard Of His Wicked Oz;

...Tenacious in his drive to hurt
...Striving forth beyond: 'Just' and 'Right'
...Narcistic sociopath Of: 'The World'
...Writing verse for everyones sight;

...'Tis almost as if he is begging to be arrested
...Flaunting: 'His cannot touch me' attitude...
...Eyes from three corners watching...
...So sickened are the multitude;

...For Dorothy has learned and done lots of sharing
...Far and wide down the Yellow Brick Road and beyond...
...From the not so 'Cowardly Lion' to 'The Tin Man'(In Armor)
...To The Central Park Investigation Of First Dawn;

Red Ink Print As I Type.
Protecting Our Nest: Today and Tomorrow
Undoing slowly yesterdays sorrow.
Whatever it is going to take we are ready Basil*
If you're waiting for us to let our guard down
Well that will happen with hell freezes over.

September 24,2009

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We all need a temporary pause i guess, from time to time, nice poem, beautiful pen..