A Tender Rose

A Tender Rose

From a little thing
Your body grows
With inner love
To a tender rose

From deep within
Love blossoms out
Like a tender rose
There is no doubt

A soul deep within
As tough as metal
But skin so soft
Like a roses petal

Like a summer bloom
Your true colour shows
Different in many ways
Like a tender rose

When your body fails
And strength begins to go
Beauty starts to wilt
Like a tender rose

When a person dies
Their soul re-grows
Like a fallen bud
From a tender rose

Written by David Boyce
30 August 2007

Copyright DavidBoyce©2007

by David Boyce

Comments (3)

A lovely poem with beautiful flow.
A well articulated piece, subtly written to capture the subtle beauty of a tender rose. A lovely poem. Thanks for sharing. Please read my poem MANDELA - THE IMMORTAL ICON.
a nicely written metaphor using the rose to set the stage for your poem I have also read more of your poems nice work