A Terrible Dream

There is not a hereafter that's how to me it does seem
But last night i did have this terrible dream
That i was in hell and i crying out in pain
With George W Bush and with Saddam Hussein.

The same George W and Saddam who on Earth abused their rule
Who in their treatment of others were callous and cruel
With me in a smoky cell were struggling for breath
Condemned for to suffer a slow prolonged death.

George W, Saddam and i shared the one small cell
That was filled by the smoke of the furnace of hell
With smoke in our nostrils our mouths and our eyes
And nobody heeding our begging for mercy cries.

Locked in a tiny cell and unable to sleep
The karma we sow is the karma we reap
Of our sufferings we knew we would never be free
The ex Presidents George W, Saddam and the commoner me.

by Francis Duggan

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