A Terrorist Who Is Prepared.........

One from the common-
bought over for a ransom
that is him-
a terrorist who is prepared to die-
may not even be a terrorist himself-
he may be the first victim-
he may be the first virus-
to be inducted and injected into a system-
which he destroys.
He is just the arrow- from
whose vicious hand it came from
we need to know.

by Samanyan Lakshminarayanan

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This is an excellent piece.
This is an excellent piece.
Just as a wrong doings influenced by the devil like a virus that spread so fast, like a venom that kills in just a glance....10++++++++
Evil spreads as easily as virus, it can infect all it touchs, but so does love it we give it a chance to grow into our heart. If we love one, we love ourselves, if we hate one we hate ourselves. Keep reminding us with poems like this. Bob
I dont usually comment on poetry on this nature for personal reasons, however I thought you did quite well in trying to be optomistic as the 'whole big picture'pertainng to terrrorism.... In my world, there is no excuse beyond any condition for any forgiveness of terrorism..... It is sad, but I can NOT forget the days that followed our city of New York and all that unfolded with it.... But you did an excellent job in your perception of the other side of a victum... Sadly, it still doesnt make me feel any compasion...... Excellent write on a very touchy subject.. Bonnie
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