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A Texan's Life
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A Texan's Life

Its one of those places
you can’t escape
Where you can drive all day
but never leave the state

There is beach front property
with an ocean view
Flat lands, deserts
and some pine trees too

There are some real grand places
with lots to do
Loads of small towns
with real good food

You can drive a truck
or ride your horse
When summer comes
only Hell is worse

Lots of lakes
rivers and streams
More pretty women
than heaven it seems

If anyone asks
it’s where I was born
Where I went to bed last night
and got up this morn

This is where I will fight
so I can remain free
If anyone is looking
where I will be

Down a dirt road
or out by the lake
There is plenty of room
all you can take

Lots of people come here
few ever leave
The Lone Star State
is where we want to be

Mesquite trees, BarBQ
and good cold beer
are a few of the reasons
we live here

Fast Cars and Football
are just some of the fun
Don’t forget that everyone
is packing a gun

Tex-Mex, Pickups
Pecan pie
just a few of the things
that get us by

Good fried chicken
home cooked meals
barber shop poles
rods and reels

The seasons all play
and the stars show at night
Just part of the day
in every Texan's life

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Planet Texas! wow! what a place When you die at heavens gate Saint Peter may say why here again Having lived in Texas - such a great state.? Fantastic poem sir and welcome to my page too.