A Thank You Letter To My Husband And Best Friend

Poem By Almedia Knight Oliver

A Thank You Letter To My husband. My Best Friend…

These thank you words are for the finest occupant in the golden years of my life
You're my quiet sleeping nights, my snugly warm hugs, and my heartwarming
Kisses waking up my everyday.
Now I give thanks and praises to that devoted, kind, and tolerance man:

Thank you for being there when I couldn't. Thank you for letting me be myself
because I don't know how to be anyone else.
Thank you for sharing my happiest moments, for listening to my saddest stories
and being attentive even when needing a listening ear yourself.
Thank you for being tolerant when I go into my head leaving you outside
Thank you for patiently being in attendance again, again, and again when I come out.

Thank you for being kindhearted inside and out. Thanks you for coloring me brighter, for lightening me up inside and out, and for warming me with blankets of hugs, and hot kisses that sometime take my ears for lips…
Thank you for loving fiercely and believing we can survive and thrive on our love.
Thank you for giving selfless another meaning, always putting others before yourself; my dear you changed my world and made it better for you and me - again, thank you!
Thanks you for making me laugh and cry- - and more things in between. Thank you for being my rock, my anchor, and keeping me grounded. Thank for your loving kindness even when burden with my problems. Thanks you for the big things and the small ones as well. Thank you for remembering special occasions -even bringing lollipops when you shop. Thank you for loving me when I might not deserved it…
Thank you for staying constant in an ever-changing world and for keeping normalcy in
Our world when it's filled chaos.

Thank you for putting on your best face in 2011 when our world felt like it was falling apart and I felt your eyes searching my face for the answer of the biopsy. Thank you for your courage and patience during twelve months of chemotherapy, coupled with three mouths of aggressive radiation. Thanks you for your fortitude, we made it through, and you're still you! Thank you for the twelve years spent together and for celebrating our sixth wedding anniversary November 5,2016, but these years are incomplete: many more waiting for us…
Thank you for giving me all these reasons, though there's million more needing thanks.
Most of all, during my twilight years, thanks you for your loving kindness in making our world a better place for you and me, and family too. Thank you for remembering our wedding promises by holding onto life not leaving me alone!
Thank you! Thank you! Thank you for giving me reasons: to love again, to live, and to call you my best friend and husband eternally …

December 2,2016

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