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A Thankless Job
MN (11-08-1970 / )

A Thankless Job

Poem By Mary Nagy

The laundry piles in mountains.
It covers the whole floor.
Just when I think I've done it all...
OOPS! Here comes some more!

''I'm sorry Mom, I forgot this.''
and ''Hey, if you don't mind...
I need this washed before tomorrow...
That is, if you have time.''

''Oh sure'' I say ''No problem,
I'll do it just for you.''
After all...I'm sure you know...
I have nothing else to do!

If I could just have one wish
to help with a daily chore,
It'd have to be that laundry
wouldn't be needed anymore!

I might have time for reading
(or watching a trashy show!)
I hear there's great stuff on T.V...
I fear I'll never know!

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Comments (8)

As soon as I stopped laughing, I sent this to myself and an e-card to my daughter, whom I dubbed the Laundry Lady. She never seems to catch up, and, as you said, just when she thinks she's caught up, BAM! there it comes again. It is sorta' like living at the bottom of a laundry chute! ! ! Right on target, as usual. Linda
Hail to the one who speaks the truth...
Good luck, Mary, I live alone and never get a handle on it.
I hear you on this one. My husband and I actually folded laundry on our 'date' watching a year-old movie on video!
A great poem for a seemingly thankless job. I really like it.