MS (8.4.1929 / Marton, Lancashire)

! A Thankyou To Margaret

Some thankyous are best private;
some deserve a public airing,
in case they touch someone else who's suffered:

I wrote a poem about my mother's restless, painful death;
and you, who had just lost your husband
but whose deathbed was a memorable day
as he with cancer and you his wife
had the most beautiful, memorable hours of conversation,
about two rich lives lived together -

you, struck by the contrast, wrote to me
in sympathy. And so, my pain is eased
in sharing in your beautiful sad joy..
and you, I hope, may be the happier for this -
I wonder, do you know what good this brought?

thank you, Margaret.

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Michael thanks for sharing this thankyou. It is so simply expressed and with such honest compassion and generosity. I'm sure all who read it will be inspired. love, Allie xxxxx
Thank you, Michael. Best wishes Martin