DK (11-22-1952 / Batavia, New York)

A Moment Of Self-Realization

I am not your scene queen,
Your emo whiner,
Child of neverending political outrage
I am not your entertainment,
Your amusement,
Something to keep you hating something other than yourself

I am not your lone wolf,
Underdog hero
I am not your run-of-the-mill
Everyday ordinary
Clone thing

I have no label to name me,
No boundaries to define me
No limits to restrict me
No walls for me to climb,
Nor tear down,
Nor build
Nothing to keep me from you or you from me
Or us from them, or them from us

We're blended!
You are me, I am you
Is all the same thing
We can't tell where you start and I end
And vice versa
Because our physical differences are separating
Only to the shallow-minded,
The non-thinker,
The conformist

We are all the same
And we are all to blame
You don't do drugs,
But you use hairspray
I don't run around stabbing people,
But I drive everywhere
We're constantly killing what makes life circulate
Unable to see where it all will end,
Not thinking of things in terms of consequence

We are like the hunter-gatherers,
Using up our resources,
Always thinking there will be some more
If we just move
But none of us are moving
We are all stationary
Unmoved by even the tightest of emotion

For it is all manufactured in our minds!
A product of society
That tells you how to feel and when to feel
Cry when it's time to cry
Laugh when it's time to laugh
Do it out of turn
And you revoke your license to this thing we call 'normality'

Society kills creativity.
Stabs it in its already bleeding heart
To let out the flow of unprocessed thoughts
To jar them and store them away
To be filtered and drilled back in
In the form of structure
We say that communism is wrong,
Socialism is morally obscure
But all we have is a false democracy
Subtle control posing as diplomacy
Where we don't know left from right
Right from wrong
You from me
And that's what is defined as
But society calls it

by Amanda Saveley

Comments (3)

could you make it a little longer? Please.
Ah, if ever there was a perfect ending to a poem.. . This would be it!
Strange but powerful poem.