War Fare (Sorry It's So Long :))

I arrive with led and metal,
Guns bombs and missiles,
There was a loud whistling, like from a kettle,
Through every colony, was a great big assaile.

Everywhere, splattered blood,
Everyone's covered in blood,
Dead or alive,
It is hard to survive.

Everybody hides in trenches,
Just sitting there, on cold benches,
Waiting for the comand,
Holding the machine guns, ready for the demand.

A war that seems never ending,
My gun, needs mending,
Un-countless people, I have killed,
More and More horrific things are getting built,

Nobody knows what were fighting fro,
If it's just land or a bad government, what are we fighting for?
If I'd know, I could decide if all the killing is worth it,
All the killing, all the kit.

The lives that I have wasted,
The people might have famiilies, all stated,
I get the comand,
My machine gun, has got it's comand.

I jump the wall of the trench,
Not using the cold bench,
bullest flying through the air,
Some people just don't care,

It akes, I got shot at the heart,
Now I need to part,
Goodbye life, hello death,
I am falling into the depth.

Blood flowing over body and ground,
It makes no sound,
A mix of blood and mud,
But it's not just all my blood.

This is why we need to think,
Of the fallen, of the dead,
Start to care, for the dead, for the ones that hink,
Some people die of a little piece of led.

by Kaleb Brown

Comments (3)

ya know what i wanted with this tho, Nim? i wanted a fiercer ending. abandonment does say much. with the butterflies-turned-hornets. but maybe tie it back to the pond. Susx
'somebody's love is floating on an isolated pond' the metamorphosis you described here - tragic & true.
Quite a contrast in images here from butterflies to hornets and all in the space of a few concise lines. It is to be hoped that these two people, whoever they are, will choose to return to their first estate. Fascinating poem, Nimal. Regards, Sandra