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A Thief

I was a Thief by trade
traveling through the market place of time
just behind, tomorrow
when I heard her voice... and I was helpless. She stole my black heart
and fled the feelings of her ransomed crime
While I stayed behind to borrow
her repeated phrase... and I was helpless. I swore by all the stars
never again would i taste their dust
I would stay a Thief, stealing time
but she whispers to me... in the night. And here I sit in empty Space
kissed by her elusive graceful wings
singing songs I could never face
until I hear her voice... then, I am helpless. Her silence sings of deeper needs,
all alone through private, hidden wars
I was a Thief, stealing pieces
of her scattered, I am helpless.
It was a dark, cold rainy night and five years of emptiness filled my heart as I walked along the dirty
downtown streets of new L.A. Now, I was a Thief who stole no more. I was earthbound and she was
gone, to stay. The streetlights intruded on my indigo mood as I walked past a dark alley. I heard,
barely audible moans. Everything in me said "no" as I entered that foul smelling abyss. ...She was
lying there against a cold brick building, her life oozing from the hole in her side. When I started to tell
her of my loneliness, of how much I missed her, of how empty I was without her... But her fingers
touched my lips, and my soul. Before I could utter a word she whispered, "Find our daughter." For
a moment I was paralyzed as my mind screamed, "Daughter? We have a daughter?" At once, a
million questions flooded my brain, "Why didn't you tell me? Why did you have her alone, without
me? Why did you leave? I could have helped. Why...?" But before I could form the words, she
touched my lips again and pulled me closer whispering, "She has purple eyes, like you. Find her."
She died looking into my heart. She is still here, and will be forever. Now together, we will find our
daughter...The Girl With The Purple Eyes.

by Sky Redlove

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