AMM (May 21,1988 / Ypsilanti Michigan)

A Thing

I have feelings for you,
and you for her,
It is always the same,
I really hate this game!

I don't seem to know what to do.
I think now I may hate blue.
It seems as though we are all vying for the same thing,
The thing that completes us and makes us sing.

I have not found that thing,
I am lost and need a fling.
There is a guy who is sweet,
And one day we did meet.

He slips a smile and a stare,
To make it aware
That he is there
And that we could share

A fun time together,
No matter the weather.

I am not trying to be numb,
That is something dumb
But I will never find
That loving kind.

How is anyone to know
Who has their soul?
There is someone out there,
Until I find him I don't care.

I have many steps ahead of me,
Along with God I do walk.
And one day he'll say to me,
'Why then did you not talk? '

That is why I have decided:
To ask, 'let it out'
because I have found out
that I should live life not in doubt.

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Comments (3)

A lot of feelings in this one with which a lot of people can relate to. Keep writing.
I like this poem, is has a lot to say about matters of the heart, wanting to find that special one and enjoying a wholesome relationship. Your last line speaks volumns when it says 'I should live life not in doubt' yes we should never be in doubt, we are in charge of our own destiny and we make all the decisions for ourselves, Excellent poem Amanda.--Melvina--
I really like this one :) . and I do think we could have a 'fun time together': D