A Thorn For Every Heart, And A Heart For Every Rose

Poem By Jeremy Willson

You were the girl who's heart was shattered as it froze
Now your so cold to everyone my little Rose
I've come to accept you for who you are
And we're hanging out together now isn't that bizarre?
Every week you're getting warmer like your heart is melting
I'm almost through that first layer of ice it's finally relenting
Are you ready for another day with me?
It's gonna be as sweet as can be
Lets wear our tinfoil hats and bask in the sun
While we toast to last night and all of our fun
1 for the pleasure,2 for the show, and 3 for the masses
Now here comes the sunrise so put on your glasses
And turn up the music
No hard jams just hash tag acoustic
Cause it's an awesome day in late July
Your falling for her of that you can't deny
That smile, those bright eyes
That shine like, the blue skies
Oh are you falling for me too? or are you falling down love?
Cause if you need a hand to help you up, I'm the only one you need to think of
Girl, no if, ands, or buts
You're my obscure and pretty brunette of a klutz
So I'll be here waiting for you
Till you decide to love me back with all of your icy heart
We can go running all the way back to the start
Or we can pave our future together with are hands held and hearts crossed
It makes me so nervous that my stomachs in knots
But so long as I'm with you I can be comforted true
Cause you're my baby girl and I love you
Through thick and thin and every in between I suppose
There's a thorn for every heart, and a heart for every Rose

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