MB ( / Birmingham)

A Thought Or Two.

While the gates grew to a close,
Bonnie, didnt want to go home,
The cold walk home terrored Bonnie in her mind,
School was her only ever goodness hope,
Because home was worse than any terror,
It was'nt Abuse Nor Messyness,
It was the sickness & sadness that was around,
And the Moaning & Groaning of her dear mother,
Of fathers departed, And left alone,
School wasnt that good either,
Moaning & groaning of Teachers,
A normal day was this easy,
Staring out of the window listening to the teachers truths,
Thinking of what she should do next,
Either Run away or maybe...
No get that out your mind she would say,
Then finally finishing off,
Taking the long walk home,
Two years of this alas,
She could not take no more,
So she Left a note on her nicely made bed,
''Dear mother, father and other people,
Stones hurt,
And i dont like it when they thew the dirt''.
It was wrote out really neat,
So no critisim was in place.
Now she was In better place,
where sadness was abandoned,
and happyness was found through each corner.
If this tale is your truth,
Dont Sit there HIT THE ROOF!

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Langston Hughes


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