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A Thought Pattern
PF (03/01/90 / Knebworth, Hertz)

A Thought Pattern

Stood at the open window
Cars gently swaying by every now and then
The familiar sound of a bus on a final journey
The sound so rushed, the movement so graceful
A child shouts in the echoing shadows
The sound of a long lost bird
Gliding in the distance, searching for the sunset long forgotten
The cold dark air filling every inch of the room
The slightest breeze gently lapping at my skin
The purest air I’ve ever smelt
The purest taste of inspiration
The smell, the feel of the air softly gripping my shoulders
The memories
Tonight, at the window for the first time
This felt like home
Home, with a family
This, a home
This, my family

Get out of my head
This isn’t about you
Stay deep inside to fuel my dreams
Power them until I'm strong
Strong enough to dream them well

This feeling is another
Something more to get used to
I'm watching me grow in mysterious ways
Watching me move without control
Watching myself change
Witnessing all this from inside my own head
This state will pass
I will not feel this again
And I do believe I’ve never felt it before

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