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A Thousand Shards

I had loved at one time once before
But that time was so very long ago
It has now become just a dream to me
Once there was love, now I do not know.
There was once a life we had together
It was etched upon a piece of stained glass
One day though while I was admiring it
It was tossed to the ground and it was smashed.
A thousand shards of broken glass
A puzzle the etched glass it then became
Memories and hopes and dreams now were broken
Now every piece is lost without a name.
So I searched for all of the broken pieces
That were scattered upon the ground
I picked up each shard as I tried to remember
But they were lost and not every piece could be found.
So I left behind the drops of my own blood
Each broken shard had cut me quick and deep
As I searched the ground for lost memories and dreams
Without them; how could I sleep.
I found all the pieces so I gathered them up
I hoped to place them back together again, someday
But I got tired of the wait and all of the work
Now she was gone, and not one word did she say.
Alone I tried to paste the shards all back together
But now I forgot where the pieces belonged
So I grabbed what was left and I placed them in a bag
Hoping that someone could repair what was wronged.
In my bag the shards are still there to this day
I haven’t given up trying to piece them back together again
Once in awhile though I will pull one memory out of my bag
As I try to remember a what, or who, or even a when.
Shimmers of memories that once were held
An etched stained glass that once was hanging from a wall
Memories of life and love forever and together
But then the etched stained glass it was allowed to fall.
A thousand shards I had gathered and protected
Finally I grabbed the largest one, then I slit my wrist
It contained the dreams and thoughts of us together
Without memories or dreams; why should I exist.

Randy L. McClave

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