GL (August 31,1991 / Zamboanga City)

A Thousand Times 'I Love You'

The first time that I saw you,
it was like a dream come true,
You are too good to be true,
because i never feel blue,
I do not have any clue,
In case there is someone new,
Who just stole your heart from you,
I hope I am in his shoe,
whenever you're feeling blue,
I'll be there to rescue you,
I would rather hurt me too,
than to see someone hurt you,
Now that i get to know you,
I never want someone new,
To just come and replace you,
I just want to say to you,
a thousand times 'I love you'.


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Comments (6)

'I just want to say to you, a thousand times 'I love you'.' Amazing idea! Lovely poem.10+++
nice read and good write. Keep at it. Tony F
A Thousand Times' THIS POEM IS GREAT' with love, emo girl
The word 'blue' must have mean somethng to u, as it seems u like to use it in ur poems..(',) .. This one's simple...yet sweet, just like ur other poemz.
A heart touching piece.It is beautiful.
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