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A Thousand Wish
UN (16th August / Benin city)

A Thousand Wish

Poem By Uche Nwanze

He dreamt of a place, he got a palace.
He searched for a stone, he found a pearl.
He sought for sugar, he got honey.
He aimed for the sky, he got to paradise.
He asked for a morsel, he got bread.
He begged for crumbs, he got a buffet.
He needed a handshake, he was given a hug.
He asked for a chance, he was given a lifetime.
He wanted a day, he got eternity.
He prayed for longevity, he was given immortality.

1: 10PM

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Comments (2)

Amazing choice of words and arrangement. Sweet to read and deserving a 10.
An uplifting poem.......10+++