Hanging Feet

Hanging my feet
Over the edge
Of the dock

Below me
An endless abyss
Black and terrible

How beautiful
It is really, here
Above the abyss

by Cody O'Hara

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With Hardy, as later with Auden and Frost, simplicity is the keynote of the best poems. The cessation of rain causes rejoicing with the girl but not the poet, and it is this simple contrast that makes the poem.
Hardy as a poet, has his own place in the history of English Literature. Pessimsm has been the hallmark of his poetry and this poem is also no exception.He deals with the grim and harsh realities of life with great realism and less sentimentality, that's why he doesn't romanticize human life. This poem is burdened with insatiable thirst of love and unfulfilled emotions of the poet and Hardy has expressed them with great dextirity.