A Tiger

The tiger slammed
it's heavy head
on the mangled branch
echoing of something stronger,
eyes rolling
yowls turning the air to

Your rage is cold
and strong
and just
Thick claws,
dark with blood and dirt slam
the earth once again
Your pride is strong,
as your beating furied heart.

You rip agin,
thier iron bars callous, or yours.
Your amber eyes glow,
frothy in the dying sunrise,
some how a start
already dead.

You pace and
pace, like me-
your thoughts turning
ivy jungles and
ivory beasts.

But you
are long gone from there.

It is already

by Alice Miller

Comments (2)

Another satiric pierce. It makes me think of caged animals in a zoo. Or are people the zoo with everyone staring at us? Fascinating.
a...a...ok to be true I once wrote a poem about...name black roses not like this but I change it. your words are strong and good say better than me still it is been used in a way I don't know try to changed a little. you are a good poet