DL (september fourteenth, nineteen forty-one / gardner, massachusetts)

A Time To Bury Sorrow

A time for you and a time for me,
to be whatever, we choose to be;
to set our sights, to reach the peak,
to realize goals, we truly seek.

A time to dwell. on things long past,
a time to think, on things that last;
on family, friends and things that matter,
on things that endure and do not scattter.

A time to laugh and a time to weep,
a time for treasured things to keep;
a time for reflection on how we feel,
a time to mend and a time to heal.

A time to live and a time to die,
a time for joy and a time to cry;
a time to smile and a time for tears,
a time for God to calm our fears.

A time to despose of loved ones dead,
A time to get on with the day ahead;
To blot out death and face the 'morrow,
To clear the mind and bury sorrow.

by david lessard

Comments (5)

in everything there is a season and in every purpose there is a time under heaven... nice write here... full of wisdom...
Excellent write! Shades of 'Ecclesiastes' I must say, but better put in a modern perspective, and making it relevant to our times. The repetition style is remarkable and the flow/texture of the whole poem is smooth and not 'preachy'. I like your word choice and the meaningful message, and so have added this to my other favorite poems. Bravo David! ! ! ! ! 10++++
After reading this poem, I feel a huge separation towards the verses, and perhaps in the mind of the character. I guess its background must be Blue! The repeated structure, intentionally suitable I think! Best wishes,
great poem, ell penned and meeaningfull. 10
: D....this poem makes me smile.......i think we all need some time to do those things......i know i could......very nicely done......smooth and relaxing 10++