A Time To Come

There are those precious things in life,
You desire you can hold onto forever,
And when taken away as if someone stabbing you with a knife,
It was the one thing you faithfully longed to treasure,
That unexplainable feeling,
Stings and blemishes your heart and brings you down to the bottom of your emotions,
You pray to God, He will do his healings,
With everyday that passes comes a unique notion,
So hastily you recollect the memories and begin to dream,
One day you will be grasped away from your loved ones,
Emanating in there hearts, following the path of a stream,
It is now understood to you, everybody has a time to come,
Yours may have come too soon,
Others may have come too late,
But there is a time to come for everyone,
So please don’t abide,
Abrogate any coming mistakes,
And I assure you,
We will convene once again in heaven...

by Hoda Elomari

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