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A Time To Heal
RF (July 26,1977 / Baltimore, MD)

A Time To Heal

It's been along time since I've thought of us.
Or the heartache and pain.
It's been along time in healing, but I've made in the end.

At one time you were my world.
My everything and more.
You were what made me smile,
You were all I looked for.

Funny thing is though you were not much at all.
You of course made me believe anything, and I allowed myself to fall.

Time has that comfort,
Time has that ease.
Were one day when you least exspect it, the hurt has no control it just leaves.

My time to heal has been long and over due.
It doesn't go away all at once, I doubt all of it ever will.
However, I don't think of you in anger or bitterness anymore.
I think of you only when I know, I'm greatful to know your gone.

Greatful in the sense, that I know me now.
Greatful in the sense, life has meaning somehow.

It wasn't all your fault, this I know to be true.
Yet again it doesn't matter time has healed that issue to.

His fault, her fault its all lost in the end.
None of it matters, when it ends, it just ends.

Time has that power to wash most of it away.
Time has that power to let you know it will be ok.

As always with life, it rewinds and starts again.
As always with time, love finds its way in the end.

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