A Time To Lie

If to save yourself from serious injury or death to lie is not a shame
For that's self preservation and for that none you should blame
With someone pointing a loaded gun at you then your life you will save
Not to lie at such a time more suicidal than brave
To lie to save your life does seem okay
For who would wish to die in such a violent way
And what use is hero status to a dead woman or man
The idea is to live for as long as you can
At such a time to be brave is suicidal why should one wish to die
There's a time for truth and there's a time for to lie
And to lie on such an occasion could never be wrong
For to embrace life is a gift of the strong
When lying does save your life then to lie is okay
And there is a time to lie despite what some might say.

by Francis Duggan

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