SB (August 10,1990 / Port Angeles, WA)

A Time When Hearts Are Broken

A time when hearts are broken
There is a time when hearts are broken
I wish you wouldn't have broken mine.
You didn't understand how I felt
Nobody did
That's why I asked you,
Why you left me for my best friend
You meant the world to me
You took it away
But I was head over heels
In love with you.
I was willing to sacrifice our friendship
To open your eyes
And it worked
For once you saw me
With open eyes, not closed.
Everything became perfect.
We swore to each other
Always and Forever.
Which will never be broken.
But I broke down
One more promise I had yet to break
Neither of us saw it coming.
Tears are falling from my eyes,
As I sit and cry at night.
Blood is dripping from my heart
As I try write.
I have so much pain.
I'm hurt a lot
I can't explain all this
I'm just falling apart, and
Nobody understands.
I don't know where to start
I don't know where to end.
I know love hurts so much
Like a thousand stabbing knives,
Especially when you have all this pain
You wish you could deny.
All the suffering, it's my fault
All of it.
I wish I could help you understand.
I just want you to be
my big sister.
I honestly didn't mean,
to go and break your heart.
I wouldn't do that to you

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