Feet in the warm sand,
Reaching for your soft hand.
The bright sun,
Are you with me, hun?

You're never that infuriated,
So we wont be separated.
It's becoming a beautiful night,
Beaming through the starlight.

Will you keep me close?
Will you hold me most?
As the moon is consistant,
I will stay persistant.

Please lock our fingers together,
No matter what the weather.
We can make it through,
As long as you're true.

by Cody A. Buckmaster

Comments (5)

Interestingly interesting......
its like you placed all the letters on the page and let the reader see into the Saint and the other part of you's mind. hmmm.... scary thought. PYT
Dear Saint Cynosure, I cannot message you because your thing is blocked but i just want to wish you a merry christmas and a happy new year. May it be filled with bliss harmony and love
Love Dis One! How Do You Do It?
Oh, the cleverness of you....