A Tolerant Society Means We Just Tolerate

A tolerant society means we just tolerate
The presence of those different amongst us though we will not celebrate
Their culture or honour them in any sort of a way
The law states we tolerate them and the law we must obey
We don't invite them to our parties for nothing in common with them we do share
And that they are growing in numbers we have become aware
Wish the Government would return them to their Homeland shore
We will only tolerate them just that and nothing more
As a tolerant society to them we cannot be rude
And though from our social gatherings them we cannot exclude
The message in our body language to them they never do get wrong
They never come to join us in the beer and the sing song
That we have to tolerate them we will say that once again
Though we see them as outsiders and that's how it will remain

by Francis Duggan

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