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A Ton Of Bricks
AS (20 Nov.1950 / Yerevan, Armenia)

A Ton Of Bricks

Life hit you like a ton of bricks,
Now you blame it on jerks and freaks.
Nobody wants to hear you or see.
How you wish you could get T.L.C.
You kept living off on a pure hope,
But afterwards sought a piece of rope.
If it wasn't for mortal fear of dying,
You would've tried Dutch act, no denying.
And then in despair you turned to God
The Lord was busy, preventing a new flood.
Then you found a book written in human blood -
Necronomicon, which dragged you through the mud.

While failing to summon the spirit of the dead,
You preferred not to rise and stay in bed.
And when the night fell, you heard a familiar voice.
Your sweetheart smothered you; she had no other choice.

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