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A Too Severe Penalty? ? Story Poem
IOI (7/4/1934 / Hebburn.Co Durham U.K)

A Too Severe Penalty? ? Story Poem

The vampire breed grows more profuse.
According to the latest news
They have evolved and hunt by day
This frightens me I have to say.

I used to stay indoors by night
and do my chores in broad daylight.
I knew that vampires feared the sun
But now that last safeguard is gone.

They used to fear the crucifix
just as they should the heretics.
But now we have no defence at all.
Should a vampire choose to call.

They do not wear long flowing cloaks
they dress like all the other folks.
There is no way you can be sure
about the family next door

You cannot tell who you can trust.
To be quite free of the blood lust.
Even the Vicar is not free
of being watched suspiciously.

I do not mind donating blood.
I feel quite strongly that I should
but only voluntarily
and taken scientifically.

I live alone reclusively
and venture out reluctantly.
Do all my shopping on the net
which seems to be the safest bet.

I often wonder what they’ll do
when everyone’s a vampire too.
No humans left on which to prey.
They’ll have to find some other way.

To satisfy their thirst for blood
Though I have always understood.
They do not prey on their own kind
Because their systems are designed

to digest only human blood.
Their prime and only source of food
When the last of us is gone
and no one left to feast upon

They’ll be condemned eternally
to wander wailing hungrily.
A well deserv’ed punishment
for preying on the innocent

Thee is no court of last appeal
to which the vampires could apply.
But if there were could it repeal.
Established laws and let them die

I like to think perhaps they would
for vampires are misunderstood.
perhaps they did not choose to be
vampires voluntarily.


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It sounds like someone is afraid to attempt to leave their safe private home and adventure out doors to the unknown. That's what I'm getting from reading behind the lines and thats why I like it.