(March 30,1987 / Buffalo, New York)

A Tornado Warning Has Been Issued...(Too Late I Might Add!)

Death hides behind the sable clouds
that sweep over the crimson skies.
The mortal beings observe in awe
as the gale presents them with their
racking fates. Death warned them...
...but nobody took him seriously.
Feel free to pray to your plastic Gods
while I present to you all...Death...
in its most ravaging and ruinous form!
Brought to you by Mother Nature...
...underappreciated, overworked, and
smoldering...we took her for granted!

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Comments (5)

a serious message indeed, you have a point in this piece, well done!
We don't listen, completely agreed. When we cry to the sky in lament, we wonder why we aren't heard. Maybe we are being taught a lesson, a lesson well earned.
There's a serious message here. A well-composed piece indeed Michael. t x
A very powerful poem, well done and keep it up! Effie.
I love it! I give it a ten, thanks!