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A Touch
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A Touch

His hands as cold as ice as is he.
His smile is as trusted as that of a theif.
His wandering eye is what causes my pain.
His stares are what cause me to stray.

But his touch is worst of all,
Ecspecially when followed by his deadly, deceitful kiss.
Why am I the only one that sees him like this.
I was young and did not know of the world and what lies in it

He was deceiving and lured me for him to do this.
When I received his touch followed by his kiss and next body
movements and things I can't admit.
I was unsure of what had happened,

Did not know whether it was right or wrong and he knew this.
Used it to his advantage, so he could continue to do this.
I never knew what this meant, until I grew to understand..
And oh, what pain, I felt to know how many times his touch I did not stop.

But now what could I do?
I stopped him dead in his tracks.
And touch me again he did not.
For I threatened his life and now I am left to live with my thoughts

And memories from times past, when he touched and I stared
Wondering what was going on.
Now, he knows that I will stop at nothing to prevent another touch
For after that touch will be his ruin, I will reveal him to the world

Take maters into my own hands, which ever oppurutnity presents itself To prove to him that no longer am I fooled.
I will not let his touch defile me any longer.
For he knows not how much pain, and ruin can be caused by

A Touch

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Very pathetic and poignant! I am able to see why you like my poem 'Let her sleep' so much!