A Touch And Go

I buried myself long ago
It was just touch and go
One little useful thought
Complete salvation was sought

I had dreamed about many things
I could do nothing much or attained something
It was as usual complete rout
I have nothing more to talk about

My heart remained almost dry
No one came forward and asked why
No river flow was expected
I accepted the fact and never reacted

I had so much to offer
I remained among and never differed
Yet I got kick backs in return
I had nothing to offer in turn

It was creating lots of impact
I was expected reasonably to act
I was burdening for no useful out come
I had strong desire but was not always welcome

I think for calling of the day
This is only option or way
Person should make voluntary recall
As it can be his final call

No one may come to know of fine gesture
You have lived for them for entire tenure
It was now turning against you
You have lost the faith and it is very true

I am no were physically connected
Fear in mind and illusions wrongly created
It is driving me away from real world
The world seems different and very cold

I see the concept differently
Even though I have not felt it unhappily
It is gradual change and has affected many
I am one of the individual among so many

by Hasmukh Amathalal

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