A Touch Of Beauty

Poem By Shirley Ruth Caron

The Sun shines bright with it's golden hue
It's domain is the sky - so azure blue
The mountains with their majestic peaks stretching towards the
Heavens above
Soaring high above the earth is a snow white Dove.

The unrelenting ocean with it's never- ending tide
As each rushes into shore, against the boulders it does collide
The depths of the sea is the fish's domain
In this fluid wonderland they will always remain.

The trees stand tall, and their branches sway to and fro
During the Winter, it is a sight to behold when they are draped
with snow
In Autumn, the leaves are speckled with amber, brown, red
Slowly through the season, the leaves begin to shed.

Comments about A Touch Of Beauty

Isn't God's creation magnificent? How can anyone deny His presence when they see the glory that is nature. best Dave Mansfield

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