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A Touch Of Frost For Friend Thad
IOI (7/4/1934 / Hebburn.Co Durham U.K)

A Touch Of Frost For Friend Thad

From my library shelf I took
by random choice a poetry book.
I thought to while some time away
to brighten up a boring day
It chanced to be by Robert Frost
and I was hooked completely lost
I finished the anthology
and found his words inspired me
I had to try and see if I
could find the words to satisfy
the need I felt to emulate.
This poet who could clearly state
in his own style of poetry.
His own home spun philosophy.


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Not a bad try Ivor! Not a bad try at all! It's great that we can find inspiration from greats like Frost...He truly was a master, but your not so bad your self.
A lovely poem Ivor! ! If Frost was here he'd have to say, thank (you) Ivor you made my day! Though long gone he is remembered well, his works inspired you greatly - i can tell! ! Great read! ! *10*! ! Friend Thad