A Touch Of Mary Ann Hatfield

Poem By Ray Allan James

Mary Ann always had a plan,
To be a helping hand;
To send peace through the land.
She'll always be my fan!

Because she is of kin--
She'll always be a friend.
We'll heal and mend;
We'll carry time to the end!

We'll always use her approach--
We'll consider her a coach.
Do not let others poach,
Nor smoke a roach.

To tithe the kins--
To always favor our friends.
To heal and mend;
To love till the end!

Let others hear the plan--
Always be a helping hand;
To always bless the land.
Because our land, will always be Mary Ann's!

Comments about A Touch Of Mary Ann Hatfield

In Genealogy: Mary Ann Hatfield is the daughter of William Riley Hatfield. William Riley Hatfield is our 2nd great grandfather, he had moved from Virginia to get away from all the " killin" as he put it.... Philip Davis who was born in 1887 in Tennessee died in 1972 had married Lula Davis. Phillip Davis father was Thomas Jackson Davis and his mother was Mary Ann Davis (Hatfield) .

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