SF (February,4,1937 / W. Columbia, WV, USA)

A Touch Of Verse

Light has exposed the landscape to its form.
Mood is rebuked of all its artifice.
Wind moves like winter through the naked trees.
I ask you for a leaf, but there is none.

Instead, you offer me a weather coat,
Gray as warm words reduced to whispering.
You tell me that November loves old bones.
Your frost accent is quite believable.

You paint a picture of our private sky.
The light falls faint upon my closing eyes.
Held close within a margin of rare words,
Stillness sings like a fragile, yellow bird.

Against the glass old memories ebb and flow.
A touch of verse becomes a touch of snow.
Our tiny world is slipping into space.
Only your precious hands hold it in place.

Copyright,2007, Sandra Fowler

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Υπέροχη! ! Βέβαιη πηγη εμπνευσης και για μένα! ! ! Βάζω 10+
This is very beautiful excellent job
i don't know how I missed this one the first time around but I shouldn't wonder... as you so wonderfully put it 'a touch of verse becomes a touch of snow'... everything is ethereal....'.the light falls faint upon my closing eyes'...always beautiful Sandra
Some say that our Universe is expanding and so is space! But Sandra's lines keeps me rooted with loving grace! May the Gods bless you so that you can write for long, - For my heart would love to sing those lines as songs! 10 + - Raj Nandy.
Very dep and touching poem, the words flow like water carrying immense meaning. the landscape is depicted in fine autumn colors with a hope in the end, , it was a fine read indeed a 10
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