A Touch Of Verse

Light has exposed the landscape to its form.
Mood is rebuked of all its artifice.
Wind moves like winter through the naked trees.
I ask you for a leaf, but there is none.

by Sandra Fowler Click to read full poem

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Υπέροχη! ! Βέβαιη πηγη εμπνευσης και για μένα! ! ! Βάζω 10+
This is very beautiful excellent job
i don't know how I missed this one the first time around but I shouldn't wonder... as you so wonderfully put it 'a touch of verse becomes a touch of snow'... everything is ethereal....'.the light falls faint upon my closing eyes'...always beautiful Sandra
Some say that our Universe is expanding and so is space! But Sandra's lines keeps me rooted with loving grace! May the Gods bless you so that you can write for long, - For my heart would love to sing those lines as songs! 10 + - Raj Nandy.
Very dep and touching poem, the words flow like water carrying immense meaning. the landscape is depicted in fine autumn colors with a hope in the end, , it was a fine read indeed a 10
A Very good landscape in the winter and its joy and worries, it clearly expressed in it, ya november really likes old bones, a wonderful work, thanks for sharing the great work.10+++.
Beautiful imagery Sandra, your words paint such wonderful pictures. Best wishes, Andrew
Your touch turns each word into a verse And each verse is so well versed, Its somber music there is mirth In winter gives warmth of home & hearth. I loved the following lines: Against the glass old memories ebb and flow. A touch of verse becomes a touch of snow. Our tiny world is slipping into space. Only your precious hands hold it in place. A panormic vista of memories sweet and sour. Your friend on Poemhunter, CP
I love The way you write Our tiny world is slipping into space. Only your precious hands hold it in place. Amazing* Love duncan X
S o sweet lovely verses a stounding as it is great n o human instinct can resist d rawn to inner sentiments r iver of emotions just flow a thousand times blissful!
i can feel the calmness inside of me reading this..a pure joy and peace of mine. Thank you so much for this wonderful treat in spite of a bad weather we have here today. Take care always.I love you, my friend Love and hugs, Meggie
ma'am the way of your writting is so smooth and soul filling that i am unable to explain...you have crafted a very beautiful art, what should i say about this poem cause whole poem is amazingly beautiful, which line should i choose which i should'nt, im lost in the lines of this poem and the painting you've painted in between the verses is like a white canvas put infront of you and you can see that desired art which is sacred and can be seen by yourself...bravo for this art is so small word and i dont have anyother word instead i salute you with a bow for painting another master piece.....thanks 10++++++ and A++++++ add'd to my favs... rgds asif
a beautiful and colorful piece of poetry, thank you for reading a lonely leaf and for your comment
nicely done... but ma'am you might want to see my works as well Agape and My Forbidden Sea please honest criticism.. thanks!
Beautiful verse with calm and gentle touch of words....Elegantly written!
So well written. I both admire and envy your talent Ms Fowler.
Needs to be read slowly, just as it was penned Sandra, with slow, sad phrases which remind us of life ebbing as much as the summer has ebbed. Positive end lifts us to warmth too. - greetings from Fay.
You see, you make a note, then write it down. Sandra thank you, you have described the chill of winter well, makes me glad its not quite as cold here. Bob
I am starting to read your poetry, beginning at the beginning...Just the most beautiful English. Stunningly beautiful and poignant. Lovely imaged. I am very (and I seldom use that word having been told not to once) excited at finding you! Thank you for showing us your poetry on PoemHunter.com - I can see I am in for a feast!
A great devotee of Nature, I find in you! Anice write.