A Tough Love

My love for you is a tough love,
A love hard to handle.
Emotions are loose,
Running wild.
My heart is whole,
Sometimes breaking.
Smiling, the I cry
At the dropp of a dime.
Frustrations over come me,
Destroying my optimism.
It is not you
That keeps me from happiness.
Others' involvement,
Against their wishes,
Is our love.
Our seperation,
Slowly breaking me.
Our love is a tough love,
A love hard to handle.
My heart, the love...broken
Slowly leaves me choking.

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I couldn't help but thinking of someone I know while reading this. Good job.
well that hits the nail on the head.
Ash, That's a really sweet, really sad poem girlfriend. You're good at writing out your thoughts...I remember when you'd throw them all at me in notes in 8th and 9th grades! hehehe...ancient history I know. Love ya girl, see ya in a little bit.
Wow babe. You pretty much just summed up your life for the last three months into about 20 lines. This poem is great! I LOVE YOU!
this poem is great.. i really like the style and flow of the poem. i would really like to know what you think of my poems
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