A Tough World To Live In

A tough World to live in for many today
The homeless and hungry who only know of life in the hard way
The stateless and malnourished and war and famine refugees
It is true that poverty can be of varying degrees
Of things the privileged take for granted many must go without
Of hardship many people only know about
Thousands of people are dying of hunger every day
In a fair and just World it would not be this way
In a Human World where many malnourished people at a young age do die
That everybody are born equal is based on a lie
That some are more equal than others only true to say
Inequality is rife in the Human World of today
Some governments to those who are different their basic human rights are known to deny
A fair go to the wealthy only seems to apply.

by Francis Duggan

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A very insightful write well executed. A great rhyme.