A Tower Of Progress

This structure so abstract and complicated,
catching me fast within it's web of apparent,
Confusion, teasing my ignorance of
Basic Architecture.

And from every angle reflecting everything, and lending,
Nothing to it's defense.

At a second glance, the polished metal finish,
Gives the illusion of disappearing, and
It's vulgarity almost becomes invisible.

I feel it is staring back at me, trying to extract some
Emotion, while covering me with deceit and confusion,
Hoping it isn't protesting too much, arousing some kind
Of suspicion in me.....

And suspicion reveals the drifting thoughts
Of those trapped, pressured workers inside,
Their thoughts pouring out of the windows,
Like vaporous waterfalls,
It's elevators rising with their dreams,
Only to descend at the end of the day.

by Allan W. Traphagan

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He is a wonderful Poet!